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The people have spoken – data breaches

Listen up, the people have spoken when it comes to the security of a dealership. In a new survey conducted by Total Dealer Compliance, consumers say they would not purchase a car from a dealership with a data breach. The survey targeted consumers and dealers. Among the survey’s key findings are results indicating that nearly 84% of consumers would not buy another car from a dealership after their data had been compromised. Meanwhile, only 30% of dealers employ a network engineer with computer security certifications and training. Only about 25% of dealerships have hired a 3rd party vendor to try to hack into their own networks to test their vulnerability.

Citing the survey, Max Zanan, president of Total Dealer Compliance, said, “Our report discovered that more than 70% of dealers are not up to date on their anitvirus software, and nearly a third of consumers lack confidence that their personal data is secure when purchasing a vehicle.”


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