KAR Global’s Kristen Lampkin shares best DEI practices your company needs to follow

We are seeing a growing number of companies, industry-wide, creating or redefining a more diverse and inclusive workplace. One of those companies is KAR Global. Today we’re learning what the company has implemented and we’ll also gain some insight on best practices that you may be able to adopt as well. We’re pleased to welcome Kristen Lampkin, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager for KAR Global.

Prior to Lampkin coming into the organization, KAR Global was already establishing employee resource groups. They saw the need to expand those programs, in the importance of diversity. Lampkin says they spend a lot of time trying to understand best practices.

Two key things KAR Global is focused on are education and awareness. They’re doing things such as fireside chats, discussing microaggressions and pronouns, and have even launched an ally campaign, recently. Lampkin says, these are some ways to show they are committed to providing a safe working environment, for their employees.

One thing vital to success is executive buy-in and education awareness. Lampkin says to move the needle in executive buy-in, you need to have support at all levels of the organization. In terms of educational awareness, define what DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) means for your employees. It’s all about creating a culture of belonging and understanding your unconscious bias.

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Equity is about making sure everyone has the same number of resources says, Lampkin. She says they have training that they conduct annually that has a DEI component in it. They saw a need for ongoing training and the ability to share different resources.

KAR Global’s number one goal is to create a culture of belonging. They want their employees to be able to show up as themselves, every day. Lampkin says it’s not just the automotive industry that needs to make changes, it’s every industry. Research has shown DEI efforts increase productivity within the company and provide better service for the customers you serve. Lampkin says it helps them be more responsive and anticipate customer needs.

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