Jason Stein talks about new role, trends in the auto industry, and podcast on SiriusXM

motormindz is expanding and recently added a familiar face! The automotive venture consultancy network named Jason Stein as President and Corporate Development Officer. Stein was previously a publisher of Automotive News and has now joined a team of 120 executive-level, subject matter experts.

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Jason Stein, President and Corporate Development Officer of motormindz, and host of SiriusXM’s Cars & Culture with Jason Stein, to discuss his new role. 

motormindz is coming up with solutions for the industry. It’s matching up the issues and problems that the industry is trying to grapple with, over the course of the next 5 to 10 years. Stein hopes to provide some of the solutions motormindz is already doing.

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Stein says his SiriusXM’s show is the passion around the culture of the automobile. It’s everything from a Pixar film to the enormous car collection that exists in places like the Peterson Automotive Museum. Stein sees the show as a blank canvas. He says, he has the opportunity to sketch out what he wants it to be. In a 45 minute interview, he gets the chance to delve into some personal details, business details, and the passion for cars. It’s been a blast says, Stein.

The smallest piece of the vehicle became the biggest problem says Stein. This forced dealers to be extremely creative. They’re going to have to be a lot more creative as we head now into Q4 and more than likely into next year. He says it’s also a sense of creativity in selling. Covid has produced the need for increased communication, increased creativity, and patience within the dealership.

When it comes to EVs, Stein says you’re going to have the product but will you have the consumer? Without heavy incentives, it’s proven that the market share doesn’t tick up much beyond 2 to 3%. He says he wouldn’t count out the internal combustion engine anytime soon.

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