Jason Ezell: How To Eliminate Lagging Inventory

lagging inventory

Don’t get stuck with last year’s inventory after the first of the New Year.

In this interview, Joe Gumm of CBT News speaks with Jason Ezell, VP of Product with Force Marketing’s Helix Technology about the Helix Marketing platform. Ezell explains what to look for in the 2018 market and how Helix enhances and combines data for visual marketing and the creation of more accurate shopper profiles to get cars in front of car buyers sooner.

Visual Marketing

“Force Marketing builds out our own data management platform where we take data — our client’s data — CRM, DMS data. We evaluate their client data, and we append it with 32 data partners so that we can enhance that data and use that for visual marketing. The multi-channel digital marketing distribution reporting tool also handles the announcements of data post-campaign so you can see the results of each campaign.”

Shopper Profiles

For more accurate shopper profiles that can be lumped in audiences, Helix takes the data of partners, including Avril, Oracle, and Facebook and combines it with Google data. Creatives can then be directed to specific consumer audiences.

2018 Market

With 2017 inventory still lagging on dealer lots across the U.S, Ezell explains how the new market we’re going to see going into 2018 includes a decline in used car pricing as well as wholesale pricing, and how with this will affect dealers digital marketing strategy. Helix uses this real-time data to help force proactively adapt to this new market change by getting inventory in front of car buyers sooner.

Check out the interview to find out more about Helix and how dealerships can use data and campaigns to advertise faster and look at pricing strategy and discount strategy sooner.