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For the second time in two months, the Illinois Secretary of State‘s office has revoked Carvana‘s dealer’s license and banned the retailer from selling vehicles in the state. A representative for the Secretary of State’s office stated that Carvana “continued to conduct business in a manner that violates Illinois law.”

After Carvana’s first suspension on May 10, the retailer negotiated with the Secretary of State, who then lifted the suspension order so long as Carvana followed stringent restrictions. These restrictions prohibited out-of-state tags for new vehicle purchases.

Carvana has made no comments in response to the accusations and loss of their license. The suspension is said to remain in place until Carvana acts appropriately and re-negotiates. Car buyers who purchased vehicles before July 18 will still receive their vehicles with titles and tags, but Carvana can sell no new or used cars. This occurred because of numerous complaints that Carvana delayed sending title transfers and out-of-state tags to respective buyers.

Customers waited nearly a year for the titles and tags of their vehicle, including Christine Trinidad out of Romeoville, that did not receive her 2018 Jaguar XF title for 201 days. Illinois responded quickly to customer complaints and revoked the dealership’s license, effective immediately.


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