Hyundai, on the other hand, is doubling down on EVs and unveiled two N brand performance EV concepts ahead of the Ioniq 5 launch — the RN22E and N Vision 74. The body of the RN22e is inspired by the recently announced Ioniq 6 and utilizes Hyundai’s ground-breaking electric-global modular platform (E-GMP). The N Vision 74 model will be a high-performance hydrogen fuel cell hybrid vehicle.

Both vehicles will serve as “rolling labs” to test and validate the company’s cutting-edge technologies before incorporating them into upcoming production models.

“RN22e and N Vision 74 play an important role in the strategic development of our entire product lineup, especially our electrified, high-performance vehicles,” said Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Division at Hyundai, in a press release. “Rolling labs represent the continuous development of our most advanced technologies. This unique approach makes us ready for the challenges of the future by empowering us to push ourselves to the limit.”

The Ioniq 6, which Hyundai recently unveiled last week, shares the same aerodynamic streamliner design with the RN22e, enabling more effective performance. The RN22e, according to Hyundai, has a top speed of over 250kph and a 77.4kWh battery with 400 or 800V quick multi-charging capability. The RN22e’s N Sound Plus option, which simulates engine sounds while you drive, can be used if you want what Hyundai calls, an “emotional driving experience.”


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