Image by Hyundai Motor

Hyundai Motor North America’s President and Chief Executive Officer, José Muñoz, is reportedly taking on more responsibilities for the automaker as he joins the company’s Board of Directors of Motional, a partnership between Hyundai and manufacturing firm Aptiv that aims to create driverless technologies. 

According to Monday’s press release, Muñoz will also “lead global talent acquisition and management to recruit and retain core talent in new technology-based businesses” and will “lead global sales, service, product planning as part of the Global Business Operations Division.” While continuing his service as the Chief Executive Officer of Hyundai and Genesis Motor North America, and Hyundai Motor America, he will also reportedly be handling the launch of Hyundai’s Product Director Office and its Product Line Management. 

While Muñoz will now primarily be based in South Korea and the United States, his role will include targeting business in critical areas such as Europe and the Middle East. 

Even in the midst of the global pandemic, Muñoz facilitated much success for both the Hyundai and Genesis brands, increasing profitability and boosting market share. Sales have reached record highs, including those all throughout the Americas. Hyundai Motor Company’s President, Jaehoon Chang, said Muñoz “is a definitely proven leader and [Hyundai] expect[s] his expanded role will greatly enhance [its] global operational excellence.”

If approved at Hyundai’s 2023 shareholder’s meeting, Muñoz will also take a position on Hyundai Motor Company’s Board of Directors.

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