How Your Dealership Can Benefit From Having An Online Salesperson

online salesperson

Are you looking for a way to increase business? The answer may be to hire a designated online salesperson at your dealership. The internet has revolutionized how businesses and customers operate. For dealerships, those who have embraced online platforms, generally see them solely as an advertising space. After all, customers still typically come in for a look or drive before making a purpose.

However, according to a survey conducted by Accenture, dealerships shouldn’t count on these behavior patterns for long, and would do well to invest more in their virtual presence. In their survey of 10,000 people from the US and seven other countries, Accenture found that the majority of customers are interested in more online services. 36% are already using online services for initial car searches and 53% would buy new cars online. Further, 54% said they would appreciate personalized information and assistance when looking for a car on the internet.

These numbers should be no surprise in an age when people buy everything from vacations to groceries to computer equipment online. In an age where most things can be purchased from a phone, it’s natural for consumers to expect similar services from their car dealership. Having a designated online salesperson can help you get a jump on the trend, already providing what your customers want.

Outside of direct sales, there are a number of benefits to having a member of your team whose role is solely to take care of the online end of the operation. To start with, having someone in charge all the time will ensure that any pain points on your website are quickly found and taken care of. They’ll notice any areas that routinely give customers trouble, and be able to help customers navigate the site if they’re individually having difficulty.

online salespersonIn that same way, they can keep track of your web traffic and statistics. This can help your dealership identify demographics you may not have previously thought of tapping, as well as which pages–and thereby services–are most popular so you can capitalize on those as well.

Additionally, an online salesperson acts as a bridge between customers at home and your team. They can act as a face and name for your dealership. Your customers will feel more connected when they feel they already know someone when they eventually come in. They can also provide virtual tours so customers feel comfortable with the layout when they come, possibly already having a car in mind.

Finally, another role of the online salesperson is the follow up. Awhile back, DealerRefresh discovered that 90% of the time, salespeople don’t follow up. In today’s fast-paced market, it’s important to stay firmly in consumer attention. The designated salesperson on your team would be able to keep up with your clients when they’re not visiting, raising your chances of seeing them salesperson

It may seem frivolous to some to have someone on payroll just sitting in front of a computer all day, but the more we interact with each other shifts towards the digital, this kind of hire could be one of your smartest investments. In terms of data, advertising, and increased customer loyalty, having a designated online salesperson will pay off exponentially.