How To Use Patience to Benefit Your Process


Patience is a virtue, but what about in auto retail when cranking out cars every 30 days is a necessity? Glenn explains how to use patience to benefit your process.


Patience. I know in automotive industry and in dealerships that’s not a word that’s often thrown around. We’re on a 30 day cycle, we’re focused on sales, we’re always focusing on where are we getting more leads from and how are our marketing people doing. But in order to really see what’s working and what’s not working, you have to balance this pace that you’re at with some patience. You’re getting called, if you’re a general manager, all the time with the next new product. There’s times where I talk to dealerships and every single time I talk to them, they’re saying, “Well, what about this product? What about that product?”

And I say, “Didn’t you just change something last month?”

“Oh, we don’t know if it’s working.”

Remember, long term goals, short term goals, balance them out. Make sure that you’re giving this new product or this new process time to really see what’s working or not before you make a change. Because if you constantly are changing things all the time, you never really know what’s working. So again, the word for the day, the word for 2018, for a lot of you needs to be patience. That is your CBT Tip of the Day.

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