How to establish reliable onboarding procedures for dealership sales teams — Jonathan Dawson

While inventory levels begin to rebound and margins are being squeezed, salespeople are losing track of how to market their products, which means training must be a top priority. At this year’s NADA Show, CBT News anchor Jim Fitzpatrick spoke with Jonathan Dawson, Founder of Sellchology and host of CBT’s Mind Your Own Business, to discuss the challenges that come with overseeing a dealership sales team. 

Key takeaways:

1. Sellchology’s mission is to provide dealers with strategies that help control traffic, and the flow of operations.

2. In order to prevent turnover in your sales force, you must not be too dependent on the random flow of the marketplace. There has to be a plan and direction.

3. Being proactive and improving the current employees who build market share, who get the job done, and who offer the best customer experience, will increase revenue. Dealers can also learn to incorporate internal onboarding methods when they recruit and hire new personnel.

4. In order to systematize and bring structure to the onboarding process, Sellchology provides a whole series on how to log CRMs, how to key into the system, and how to go to the desk with first numbers.

5. Dawson contends that dealers must set up these onboarding tools prior to their hiring process in order to avoid historic turnover. When it comes to onboarding, anything as straightforward as a video recorded on a phone, structured, and submitted to the site can be included. The messaging could originate from any department where Sellcholigy seeks to reach out and help people in the area.

the fundamentals have been lost in many stores.” —Jonathan Dawson

Notable background:

Sellchology is the psychology of selling. There are established rules that affect how individuals think, interact, purchase, sell, set goals, and go about their daily lives.

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