How Dealership Culture Drives Employee Motivation – Walter Bond


The auto industry has seen some levels of success in the past 90 days, but there is some apprehension about how the industry will continue to perform moving forward. Anxiety among dealer leaders, managers, and salespeople is still high and uncertainty lingers. Here to discuss how dealers can support and motivate their staff with a strong dealership culture during these trying times is Walter Bond, motivational speaker, and Fortune 200 business coach.

“If you’re doing well right now, it’s because you have a good team and you’ve built a great culture. if you’re struggling right now, the same is true. You don’t have a good team and you didn’t build a good culture,” says Walter.

This means that if the team is down by 10 points, but there is a great culture, then the team won’t panic because they trust the system. However, if the culture is toxic, then when the team is down 10 points, it actually feels like 30. Whether dealers oversee 5 dealerships or 20, they have to work on their culture. That will be what drives employee motivation through this pandemic.

Dealers need to recognize that each employee brings their own individual value system to work with them, and when value systems don’t mesh, stress ensues. However, if employees leave their personal value systems at the door and adopt the value system that runs dealership-wide, that’s when dealers know they have a strong dealership culture.

Walter Bond is a seasoned business coach, acclaimed speaker, and frequent contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine,, and BizJournals. He is also a former NBA having played three seasons with the Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz and Detroit Pistons.

How Dealership Culture Drives Employee Motivation – Walter Bond

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