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Honda teases mystery EV, reveals new 2024 Prologue SUV details

Honda released details on three EV models on April 26, including the 2024 Prologue, 2024 Acura ZDX and a third mystery model

On April 26, Honda revealed additional details for its upcoming electric vehicle lineup including the 2024 Prologue and an unnamed model planned for 2025.

Honda made the announcements during a Wednesday business meeting in Japan, during which its electrification strategy took center state. However, despite teasing a brand new EV for 2025, spokespersons had little information to offer. The automaker did note the car would be built on the company’s proprietary e:Architecture platform and, although its body type remains a mystery, the brand said it would be a “mid to large-size” vehicle. During the meeting, it was also stated that the vehicle’s features will be “an important part” of the company’s newfound emphasis on “connectivity and digital services.” 

The brand had much more to say about its other two EVs; the 2024 Prologue SUV and 2024 Acura ZDX SUV. When the two products launch, they will become the brand’s first fully-electric entries to the U.S. market. The automaker plans to build both vehicles on the Ultium platform designed by General Motors, a company with whom Honda is also looking to “further strengthen its alliance…” The two businesses are already collaborating on an affordable electric lineup outside of the two SUVs, expected sometime in 2027. Notably missing from the meeting’s dialogue was any mention of the Afeela sedan, an EV the Japanese brand is developing with tech giant Sony.

Compared to other brands, Honda’s arrival to the EV scene is unquestionably late. Even Toyota, whose recently replaced CEO, Akio Toyoda, long held the position that the industry was moving too fast on electrification, already sells several battery-powered models in the U.S. With the release of the 2024 Prologue and Acura ZDX, the automaker will be breaking new ground on what is quickly becoming a major market for the industry. Given the brand’s prevalence in the U.S., it could become a major competitor in the electric car space.

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
Colin Velez is a staff writer/reporter for CBT News. After obtaining his bachelor’s in Communication from Kennesaw State University in 2018, he kicked off his writing career by developing marketing and public relations material for various industries, including travel and fashion. Throughout the next four years, he developed a love for working with journalists and other content creators, and his passion eventually led him to his current position. Today, Colin writes news content and coordinates stories with auto-industry insiders and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S.

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