Glenn Pasch on how to curb complacency culture at your car dealership

If you cut marketing out of your budget, you may become invincible to future customers.

Car dealers are reporting incredible sales and profits in today’s market, but is this success also breeding complacency among you or your staff? Have your processes or customer experience taken a dive as a result? On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Glenn Pasch, auto marketing expert, and CEO of PCG Digital to discuss remaining successful in times of complacency.


Consumers will remember you and how they were treated for the next time they need to come back, says Pasch. It’s going to be 3 or 4 years from now when they’re looking to purchase a new vehicle. It may impact their choice of servicing with you or recommending you to someone else in their network. Pasch says it’s not easy to flip the switch back to a different style of doing business when inventory issues are resolved.

You can’t complain about turnover in an industry like we have on one hand and on the other hand, not asking yourself, am I doing anything in my store to cause the turnover, says Pasch. You can’t have it both ways.

There’s complacency with holding your managers accountable and not training. Pasch says you can get diluted by your own numbers of your greatness. You can also get complacent by changing your marketing plan. If you cut marketing out of your budget, you may become invincible to future customers.

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Pasch says it should make you more excited that your team is successful. He says what weakens the process, is someone not appreciating the effort. It’s the leader’s job to make sure the team stays motivated, even during busy times.

At this year’s, Automotive Analytics and Attribution Summit, Pasch says they are challenging car dealers and vendors to clarify what is the data, that you should be looking at, and where have you’ve been misled about data?

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