Generating Intentional Results Requires Massive Action


Attention Dealers, Leaders, Managers and Business owners: Wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic if you had easy access to experts from different areas of the automotive retail industry to ask questions related to your dealership and business? How about getting advice on the many issues and decisions you face every day?

How helpful would it be if these so called “industry experts” understood your business and were committed to your success?

Can you imagine?

  • Gone are the sleepless days and nights of feeling like the entire weight of your dealership and business is resting solely on your shoulders.

  • Gone are the feelings of isolation, the fear of making the wrong decisions, the anxiety of making critical decisions based solely on your views and perceptions of the situation.

  • Think about the confidence you would have with these automotive industry experts supporting you?

  • Think about the success and the increased performance and profitability you could achieve.

Does this magic solution really exist? Yes! But the solution is not magic! It’s a management advisory resource made up of proven automotive industry professionals and similar experts who can help you with the management of your company.

You could call this group your Management Advisory Resources or (MAR). I know, these three words may send shivers up and down your spine, however your fears may be misplaced. Access to the solution and resource is easier than you think, which can provide tremendous benefits for you and your management team!

MAR can help you define the skills and experience that will be the most beneficial to you and your business like when you don’t know what you are looking for and everybody and everything looks good. That’s a big mistake! Huge actually!

After you have defined the qualifications for each MAR, then start your search for specific individuals that meet those qualifications. A great source would be the people writing the many articles for our industry and providing them to CBT News!

There is no need to fear! CBT has done all the work! MAR is a network of many automotive industry professionals from outside your dealership and company with no family members, suppliers, customers or other current professional service providers.

That’s Right! Our very own CBT News! What a great resource filled with proven automotive Industry professionals and the business experience that want to help put all that knowledge to work for you! MAR can assist you and your management team in evaluating:

  • Critical performance indicators,

  • Help in making SMART business decisions,

  • Help conduct structured strategic planning, thinking and brainstorming sessions. And,

  • Assist with so many pertinent topics and issues going on in our industry!

CBT writers, consultants and facilitators are committed to help drive business forward in any economy! Giving you, the dealer, access to the best of the best in the automotive retail industry. These industry experts can help you:

  • Create performance and profitability strategies

  • Review, and update business plans

  • Gather the insight and feedback from their different perspectives and

  • Overall help you stay on track

  • Generate intentional results!

The best operating dealers, leaders and managers work tirelessly in between board member meetings and their daily, weekly and monthly workloads to get advice and tap into their professional resources.

How can you and your business benefit from a Management Advisory Resource like CBT’s network of proven automotive industry professionals?

  • By making better business decisions that lead to improved performance in every profit center of your dealership and business.

  • By experiencing increased profits, staff productivity, competitive advantage and achieve

  • By better alignment of staff actions with defined goals

  • By proactively identifying and mitigating risks

  • By implementing comprehensive solutions that work

  • By having access to dedicated brain storming partners

  • By expanding your networking “arsenal”

  • By reducing your stress and improving your quality of business and life

While planning is good, results are better! Results require action! Taking action can produce extraordinary results! The decision is yours; continue to do the same thing the same way, expecting a different result. Or, you can change your approach in a manner that will produce better results.

Business Building Tip: Generating intentional results requires taking massive action! If you want to generate better results in business you are going to need to change some things that require you to generate those results!

If you are looking for some magic pill, wand or secret short cut to transform your business, stop looking. Intentional results and long term success only comes after taking the actions necessary to generate results intentionally! Don’t wait! Some day in business leads to the town called nowhere!

Get Intentional about your business! If a once-successful business is struggling, it’s almost or always a people related issue. Not financing, not capital: Not just Employees, Management, Dealers or Business Owners.

Your decision to improve is the first step towards change and taking action.