General Motors announced that Cadillac designers and engineers are working together with an increased budget of $81 million to build around 100 exclusive Cadillac Celestiq electric cars.

The car is still under production and has not been unveiled to the public eye. An official release for the vehicle, which is expected to cost over $200,000, is scheduled for next month. This does not include any additional design changes that are currently underway.

GM’s massive tech campus in Warren, Michigan, is in charge of the design and production of the vehicle and will use a portion of the investment money to upgrade its campus to boost output. Cadillac aims to produce the world’s first four-quadrant, suspended-particle-device smart glass in each Cadillac Celestiq. This type of smart glass is easy to control and allows the user to control the transparency of the car’s roof.

The bulk of the car will be hand-produced with a combination of highly-skilled engineers and 3D printers. While machine and factory parts play a role, the high cost of this car is the designers and engineers producing unique and impeccable 3D printed parts.

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