Ford released U.S. sales numbers for the month of August that place the company as America’s best-selling brand for two months in a row. The company reported an increase of 27.3% for the month, compared to the industry average of just 4.8 percent over a year ago.

Ford’s total market share increased 2.4 percentage points from August 2021 to 13.4 percent in August 2022. The company also reported that over 50 percent of Ford retail sales came from previously placed orders, marking the fifth consecutive month for that statistic. Orders for 2023 model year vehicles totaled over 76,000, which is a 41% increase over 2022 model year orders.

Electric vehicles saw an increase of 307% in August, while gasoline-powered vehicles increased by 24.7%. The Ford EV segment outpaced competitors as well. The new F-150 Lightning pickup is the fastest turning vehicle in the company lineup at just eight days. The Bronco came in at ten days, and the Maverick at 11 days.

The Ford F-Series is the best-selling truck in America for August and the best-selling electric and hybrid truck. The Ford F-Series sold 420,969 trucks through the month of August. Meanwhile, hybrids hit a new record, with 7,302 vehicles sold. That’s a 9.0% increase over a year ago.

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