Image by Ford Motor Company

Ford is considering significant staff reductions as the automotive industry transitions to electric vehicles. Ford is preparing to lay off 8,000 salaried employees, or almost a quarter of its us workforce, in order to cut $3 billion in operational costs by 2026, according to a recent Bloomberg report

Ford Blue, the company’s internal combustion engine division, will be making the layoffs. Ford has previously stated that Ford Blue would bring in the revenue necessary to power its upcoming Ford Model e and other future products. No plans have been finalized yet, but CEO Jim Farley acknowledged the reports in an email to staff members and did not deny them.

According to the Detroit Free PressFarley’s statement urged the company’s staff to remain concentrated on their current activities. Farley acknowledged that such rumors frequently lead to a great deal of concern. He also discussed Ford’s long-term objectives and what has to be done to attain them, while also acknowledging that the company must lower its structural costs to be competitive.

Due to the rising costs of raw materials, Ford is finding it difficult to achieve its own margins, but introducing alternative battery chemistries to the lineup will hopefully improve profits.


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