Five Ways Your Dealership Can Use Email Marketing To Increase Sales

email marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, social media and webpage analytics tend to get all the shine. However, email has proven to still be a pivotal tool for nudging leads toward making a purchase. A survey by WBR Digital and emarsys revealed that 80 percent of respondents said email drives customer acquisition and retention. Another striking piece of data by Smart Insights showed email marketing sparking more conversions than organic search and social media combined. So, how is your dealership utilizing email marketing to increase conversions? Is your email newsletter as useful as it could be? Read on for five ways to use email to increase your sales.

Include an Email-Sign Up Pop-Up on Your Webpage

This may seem obvious, but many companies are still not doing this. One of the best ways to build your email list is to simply ask. Creating an email pop-up is not challenging to do if you have access to an email client that facilitates automated tasks. Many are set on a timer of 10 to 15 seconds once the individual accesses the page to give them time to look around. It doesn’t hurt to say why they should join the list on the pop-up. These reasons can include access to exclusive car deals, discounts on service repairs, and information concerning what the dealership is doing in the community.

Always Send a Brief and Low-Pressure Introductory Email

When someone fills out a form to hear more information about a car, you have the luxury of knowing he or she is interested. However, this is not the time to overdo it. Send them an email with no more than two to three sentences thanking them for their interest, expressing your excitement to help, and casually inviting them to email (or call) you with any questions they may have. This communication sets the tone for the rest of the sales relationship, so make your message brief and low-pressure. Also, be sure to send this message at least within 24 hours of receiving the form. Rapid response time is key.

Use Video Whenever Possible

Newsletters by themselves are great marketing tools. Moreover, you increase the rate of click-throughs and conversions by using video. Using video in emails can increase your click-through rate by 300 percent. Dealerships are in a unique position of having a lot of relevant content to share such as car service tips, test drives, staff introductions, and personalized discount announcement. According to Salesforce, using video in the subject line increases opens by 19 percent. So, strive to make video a significant part of your email marketing strategy.

Be Educational

While promoting a new or used vehicle is expected, this should not make up most of your content. Customers want a variety of messages. According to Fulcrum Tech, the best emails contain 90 percent of educational content that is relevant to those on your list. Showing a customer how to do something, or informing them of how something works increases trust. It makes it easier to make the sale once they know you are credible. So, make a point to include educational material related to car maintenance, buying process research, and anything else that can stump customers.

Link to the Website Whenever Possible

The goal here is not to include a lengthy article or for customers to stop at opening the email. The ultimate purpose for the email is to get them on your site in some way. This means using website links whenever possible. Prose should be brief, engaging, and creative. Any article you wish to send your customer should be represented with a link, not the actual lengthy prose. If your dealership has a new blog post, include a link to it. If you have educational tips, write out a few and then place a link under the last one that directs customers to finish reading on the site. Always look for smart ways to get customers to your site.

Final Thoughts

Your email list is one of the most important marketing tools you have. As data indicated, people still read emails. Email marketing is an excellent way to reach them without the distractions of social media. You can customize the messaging based on what you know about the customer to increase personalization. As the second half of 2018 continues, ensure you have a solid email marketing strategy. If implemented, it can help your dealership finish strong.


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