Five Ways Dealers Can Become EV Leaders Before 2025

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In part two of our three part series on Electric Vehicles, we take a look on how your dealership can become a EV Leader in your community.

2025 is not very far away. It is approximately 2,400 days until January 1, 2025. Why is this date so significant? Because, as stated here this is the expected year when electric vehicles will become mainstream automobiles in the auto industry. The increasing affordability of battery prices will bring down vehicle costs for the average automobile consumer. As of now, dealers have not expressed a considerable amount of comfort in marketing or displaying these vehicles. However, statistics show that dealers who begin to differentiate themselves as EV leaders now will be ahead of the pack. Here are five ways dealers can start to brand themselves as EV leaders.

Revamp the website

Do you mention the EVs you have on the lot? What are their capabilities? Dealers can begin to differentiate themselves by having a section on their website just for “specialty” vehicles like EVs that are available for purchase. The landing page should in some way indicate the dealership’s dedication to promoting cars with alternative fueling options, why EVs are gaining in popularity and financial incentives customers can look forward to. It is also not a bad idea to include a cost calculator for customers to calculate how much they can save in automobile costs by purchasing an EV.

Don’t forget about video

Videos can significantly increase consumer engagement and interest. Therefore, dealers should include brief videos that explain how EVs work, why the dealership has chosen to carry them and the pros and cons associated with owning one. These videos should be more informative than persuasive and act as a resource for customers who are weighing the purchase. Consumers have a lot to research when in the market for a new car, they will appreciate dealers who provide them with all the information they need in one place.

Use social media for announcements

Did the dealership get a new EV model? Has an OEM the dealership is partnered with announced their work with EVs? This is a great way to engage constituents by discussing the work dealerships are doing to attract new EV models. Retweeting or sharing information on these cars or posting details regarding service discounts the dealership is doing for these vehicles can set the location apart. The goal here is not to become a total authority on the topic, but it is to show consumers the dealership is not afraid to reveal how they are getting in line with innovation.

Make sure staff is on the same page

Is staff aware of the nuances between EVs and cars that run on gas? Can they talk about the differences in technology, and show this off during a test drive? While EVs may have different features, the process for selling these vehicles should be the same as a gas-fueled car. Dealers should be sure that staff undergo training and instruction in how to introduce and discuss the features of these vehicles. Another major point for customers are the tax incentives. Staff should be ready to discuss these in detail and help customers figure out if they are eligible.

Display, display, display!

Are these cars displayed in the showroom, or are they in the back of the lot? Customers will not feel that dealers are confident about these cars if they are not displayed alongside gas-fueled cars. Showing the vehicle sends a message that the dealership not only sells these vehicles, but they can feel confident that staff can talk about what they can do. Including literature about the pros and cons, charging, and tax incentives add a great touch.

Again 2025, is not far away. There are a lot of examples of companies who waited too long to jump on a foreseen change in the industry. Dealers can leave a lot of money on the table by not taking the time to learn about EVs and develop a brand that includes them. In 2,400 days, dealers can become a dominant go-to resource for purchasing an EV.

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