Auto enthusiasts are facing the end of an era. Dodge announced that it is ending production of its Challenger and Charger vehicles in their current form starting in December of 2023, amid a series of supply chain issues and a shortage of semiconductors that could stretch into 2024. The company plans to launch its all-electric muscle car in 2024.  

Starting in October, the brand will have information on its website regarding where vehicles will be allocated and how many each dealer will receive through the end of the run. Pricing has yet to be released, but customers who get their hands on one will receive a specialized “Last Call” underhood plaque.  

Dodge also said that the company plans to reveal seven 2023 special-edition muscle car models that will go directly to its dealership network over the coming weeks. The announcement comes during the first phase of a three-day series held at M1 Concourse in Pontiac during what Dodge has dubbed “Speed Week.”  

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis likened it to a “sneaker drop.” The company also plans to reintroduce the Durango Hellcat and has partnered with a customization shop to develop a convertible Charger in the future.  

The special edition vehicles will pay homage to past Dodge models, except for the seventh and final edition, which will be shown at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas this November. “That one is making history,” Kuniskis said.   

Customers won’t be able to order the special edition models, with Dodge providing inventory directly to dealers. But information about where the vehicles wind up will be available from Dodge’s website. And with demand expected to be high, customers are urged to be first in line. 

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