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Daily Newscast: Progressive pay plans | Mike Jackson on the Importance of Rural Dealerships | Do your sales people know about EVs | 6 ways to motivate employees

On Today’s CBT Newscast for Thursday April 27, 2017:

Attract, Retain, Motivate with Progressive Strategies and Pay Plans
In this interview with Jennifer Suzuki, President E-Dealer Solutions, Joe finds out what’s in-store for the upcoming Internet Sales Performance Summit. Along side David Kain and Cory Mosley, Jennifer will be presenting on attracting and retaining employees as well as effective digital marketing strategies for auto dealers. Watch Now

6 Ways To Motivate Employees
Roughly 86% of businesses have a formal rewards program in place designed to motivate staff to do their best, and that’s not really a big surprise. Think back to when you were a child. Your parents probably used a similar technique to push you – remember the promise of a cash reward for every A you got in college? The thinking here is the same. Whether you opt for seriously cool rewards like weekends away or more accessible but equally desirable prizes, rewarding great work motivates your team to work harder. Read More

Mike Jackson on the Importance of Rural Dealerships
At the 2017 J.D. Power Automotive Forum in New York City a few weeks ago, Mike Jackson (Chairman and CEO of Autonation) had a one-on-one interview addressing several topics, including rural dealerships, stair-step programs and customer-satisfaction targets.  Here’s one exchange with Wall Street Journal reporter, Mike Spector. Watch Now

How much do your sales people know about EVs?
If it hasn’t happened already, a car with a plug will show up on your lot sooner rather than later. And, while it’s true that most customers who purchase an EV or plug-in hybrid EV come in knowing they want one, there are some customers who are curious and maybe tempted to consider a purchase. Don’t lose that opportunity! Ask a customer about his or her level of interest and be prepared to give an “elevator speech” on the value of these cars. Read More

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