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Daily Newscast: Digital Marketing expert John Fitzpatrick: is your digital marketing effective? | Auto Industry vs. The Border Tax | Why are car shoppers holding back?

On today’s CBT Newscast for Monday April 24, 2017: 

Does a lack of digital knowledge equal lost profits?
Digital marketing has a huge impact on your dealership but according to John Fitzpatrick, CEO of Force Marketing the word “digital” means way more than what you might think, especially when figuring out which vendor is truly helping your dealership.
In this informative interview from the recent J.D.Power Forum in New York, Joe gets to the heart of digital by asking John the following questions… Watch Now

5 Ways to Motivate Your Team to Succeed
Successfully motivating business teams has been so frequently compared to coaching a winning sports team that I thought twice about using the popular sports metaphor in this post. However, the metaphor still fits. Business success is driven by a united team whose members respect one another and recognize that each has very different roles.
Read More

The #1 reason why your buyers are holding back
In this video from CNBC, Steve Grasso reports on the slowdown of auto sales and why buyers are holding back despite a stable economy. Watch Now

The Auto Industry vs. The Border Tax
The automotive industry is making it clear that it is strongly opposed to the so-called border adjustment tax, saying it would raise the cost of cars and hurt both the industry and customers. “Tax reform should not be financed by an increase in border taxes and goods, taxes that will drive up the prices of trucks and cars sold in the USA,” Mark Scarpelli, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association, said at the 2017 Automotive Forum last week. “That is not a good equation.”
Scarpelli urged dealers to talk to lawmakers to oppose the idea even though no specific legislation has been introduced. Read More
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