Are consumer’s expectations unrealistic? | Jeep CEO optimistic about the industry | 4 ways to get employees to go the extra mile | Local dealerships benefit consumers


On today’s CBT Newscast for Wednesday April 19, 2017:

Are consumer’s expectations unrealistic?
Consumers expectations are being set by other
retail industries. They want to enjoy a frictionless experience. In this interview, Joe gets one-on-one with Mark Rikess, President and Founder of The Rikess Group to get the details on his recent article published in Ward’s Auto entitled, Why People Dislike Car Buying, and What to Do About ItWatch Now

4 ways to get your employees to go the extra mile
Not everyone is born a team player. Some people need convincing, or incentives, to help push them to go that extra mile.
In an environment where majority of the staff are working on commission, it isn’t always easy to cajole an employee or coworker to do something outside their scope of responsibility. Read More

Local dealerships benefit consumers: Opposing view
In 2012, Suzuki stopped selling cars and trucks in the United States after decades in the American market. Fortunately for Suzuki customers, they could still get those cars serviced by local dealership groups that owned franchises of the disappearing company.
This is one of the many reasons that local dealerships are good for consumers and communities alike. Read More



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