CNCDA President Brian Maas Talks About the State of the Car Business in California


Today on for Friday, May 22nd, 2020:

CNCDA President Brian Maas Talks About the State of the Car Business in California
On today’s show, CBT’s Jim Fitzpatrick speaks to Brian Maas, President of California New Car Dealers Association. Brian and Jim talk about the current state of automotive in California, and more.

Brian MaasSix Ways to Keep From Overwhelming Your Employees with Communication at Your Dealership
A study of 1,000 employees conducted by Adobe revealed that people, on average, spend five hours a day checking email. This time includes the checking of work and personal emails. The five hours does not even account for additional communication channels like instant messaging, video conferencing, and team collaboration tools. Your employees, whether returning to the office or still working at home, are managing a variety of messaging. Consequently, it is easy for constant communications to overburden your staff. Read More

Brian MaasDisposing of Wholesale Inventory an Escalating Problem
Auto sales continue to defy the pandemic forecasts, improving with each passing week. Rather than the predicted 70 to 80 percent decrease in new vehicle sales, most areas are roughly 50 percent lower sales volume compared with the same time frame in 2019. That’s positive news, to be sure. Related industries, however, haven’t weathered the storm quite as well. The used car industry, particularly the wholesale segment, experienced a drastic reduction in volume. Between COVID-19 safety measures, closures, and demand, there’s a backlog in wholesale units. Read More

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