Your Customer Experience Will Determine Your Dealership’s Success | Tesla Employees Report Harsh Working Conditions | FTC Conduct First Compliance Sweep for Used Car Rule


Today on – Monday, July 16th, 2018:

Your Customer Experience Will Determine Your Dealership’s Success
When you think of businesses with outstanding customer service, it’s highly probable that Chick-fil-A comes to mind. The Food Chain has set themselves apart from their competitors by providing a great product and a spectacular customer experience. As the Auto Industry enters an unfamiliar scene with the introduction of car subscription services, ride sharing, and online buying options, its evermore important that dealership focus on the customer experience. Watch Now

5 Tips to Build Your Confident Sales Approach
We have all met Service Advisors who just seem to be natural at sales. Some people have simply “got it” when it comes to sales skills, inspiring admiration and envy among those of us who witness their polished methods of selling. These Advisors have a certain confidence that comes across, especially when closing a sale. Let’s take a close look at closing the sale with the expertise of a confident Service Advisor. Read More

Wake-Up Call: These Women Want Cars – and Have Money!
Selling to older women. Is there a different dynamic? What are they buying? How do they shop? According to the peak age of vehicle buyers shifted upward from 35-to-44 to 55-to-64 in 2011, and, as of this year, 50 percent of the U.S. population is now over the age of 50. Read More


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