How to Maximize the Profitability of Your Fleet Vehicles | Using Social Media to Enhance the Customer Experience | Focusing Efforts When Developing Best Practices


Today on – Tuesday, January 29th, 2019:

newscastHow to Maximize the Profitability of Your Fleet Vehicles – Alex Fraser, Cox Automotive Mobility
Organizations that rely on fleet vehicles are constantly looking for ways to control costs, reduce risks, and maximize the profitability of the vehicles in their possession. From detailing, to fueling, to maintenance, and other logistics, our next guest is here to provide some fleet service solutions. Joining Jim today is Alex Fraser, general manager of Atlanta Market Fleet Services for Cox Automotive Mobility, to discuss the latest in fleet management. Watch Now

newscastFive Ways Social Media Can Help You Enhance the Customer Experience
Typically, when we discuss the impact of social media, the discussion quickly turns to marketing and branding. While this is the primary purpose for social media platforms, savvy dealership marketers can use specific social media features to improve a customer’s overall experience. Social media is another way to cultivate relationships with customers, connect with the local community, and address their questions and complaints. Read More

newscastFocusing Efforts When Developing Best Practices at Your Dealership
When developing best practices for your dealership, it helps to know where to focus your attention. You want to set your sights on establishing best practices in areas that need the most guidance. There are three domains in any dealership: the team, the customers and the sales themselves. Looking over any data you’ve gathered, be it through traditional or technological means, select the weakest domain to start with. Once that area is stronger, move on to the next until you’ve generated best practices in all three. Read More


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