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Find, Reach, and Retain Profitable Customers with the Power of Predictive Analytics | How to Negotiate Smart | Not Just a Dealer, but a Teacher

Today on – Monday, January 21st, 2019:

newscastFind, Reach, and Retain Profitable Customers with the Power of Predictive Analytics – Amy Hughes, Experian
Marketing is still the number one essential practice in spreading awareness for your product, service, or brand. With consumer satisfaction and expectations constantly changing and evolving, paying attention to the current trends is a good way to stay ahead of the competition. Joining Jim today is Amy Hughes, senior director of dealer intelligence at Experian, to discuss what goes into an effective auto marketing campaign. Watch Now

newscastHow to Negotiate SMART!
Car dealers rely on the F&I department to run big PVR with stellar customer service. The experience in the F&I office can have a lasting impression that could make or break the client returning to your dealership to purchase their next vehicle. So how can we maximize profits while ensuring stellar customer service? Here is some information that will allow you to sell more products and provide a number of benefits to the consumer. Read More

newscastNot Just a Dealer, but a Teacher
The sheer variety of models and features available on lots today is staggering. Where once shoppers had only a handful of options to choose from, the modern auto customer can pretty much customize his or her vehicle without putting an order into a manufacturer or paying through the nose. This is also an era of automation and electrification. As exciting as all this is, the majority of the enthusiasm is reserved to those within the industry. The average customer unaware of what these advances mean practically, and is often wary of considering new models over traditional makes. Read More

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