CBT Automotive Newscast for January 20, 2020


Today on CBTNews.com – Monday, January 20th, 2020:

Patrick ManziA Year in Review and 2020 Industry Predictions from NADA’s Chief Economist Patrick Manzi
2019 for the auto retail industry has come to a close and many of us have been eagerly waiting to see the final numbers. Here to give us an in-depth analysis of the key highlights and results for 2019 is NADA chief economist, Patrick Manzi. We’ll also discuss the current strength of the auto industry as well as predictions for Q1 2020 and beyond. To learn more about the upcoming annual NADA Show, click here. Watch Now

Patrick ManziPillars Of Increased Performance And Profitability
Dealerships are constantly seeking ways to improve their day-to-day performance and profitability. What follows are some issues and questions to consider when identifying best practices for your dealership. These items are essential in supporting increased performance and long-term dealership profitability: Profitability does not happen on its own! It is an intentional and deliberate process of following the rules that increase performance and makes you profitable! Read More

Patrick ManziSocial Selling: You Can Post, But You Can’t Hide!
We teach the concept of the Business Development Dealership as a method of helping our dealership clients achieve broad scale business growth by leveraging the relationships of every employee. When I was managing a dealership, an office manager shared an insight with me that I carry with me everyday: she told her entire team that included the reception role, vehicle titling, payroll, payables and receivable that “if you are not selling a vehicle, be sure to help someone who is.” Read More


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