CBT Automotive Newscast for February 17th, 2020


Today on CBTNews.com – Monday, February 17th, 2020:

Joseph MichelliNYT Best-Selling Author Joseph Michelli On Airbnb’s 5 Leadership Lessons
On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back Joseph Michelli, New York Times best-selling author and customer experience expert. Joseph also has a new book out titled “The Airbnb Way: 5 Leadership Lessons for Igniting Growth through Loyalty, Community, and Belonging”. In this segment, Jim and Joseph take a deep dive into these five lessons and discuss other important customer experience topics for today’s auto retail industry. Watch Now

Joseph MichelliBoost Your Service Department’s Bottom Line
Have you ever watched an older movie and asked, “Why don’t they make them like that anymore?” I know why they don’t. It’s because no one would buy a ticket and go. It is not that the old movies were bad; they aren’t called classics for nothing. However, the production values are so low-grade compared to today that modern audiences just cannot look past the antiquated technology. The story alone is simply not good enough in most cases, to hold the audience’s attention. Movie producers are in the movie business to make money. You are in the automobile business to make money. It’s as simple as that, and like the movie industry, you have to keep things modern and relevant or you won’t keep the attention of your customers. Read More

Joseph MichelliEffectively Manage Your Internet Leads with These Proven Strategies
Converting internet leads into car sales is an evolving and extremely challenging process. What worked five, three, or even a year ago isn’t necessarily as effective as it is today. What makes it even more important is that, according to the Autotrader 2018 Car Buyer Journey study, customers will visit the dealership an average of just 1.4 times before making a purchasing decision. You must strike while the iron (or lead) is hot. Read More


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