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UAW expands strike, Jaguar adopts NACS, Toyota accelerates EVs

Inside Automotive

Cody Lusk and Mike DeSilva join Inside Automotive to discuss the unique challenges facing import auto dealers in the American car market.How import auto dealers drive success for their brands
Global vehicle franchises require organized communities of import auto dealers in countries like America, where direct-to-consumer sales models are largely banned. Franchised dealership networks are crucial to these corporations, as they can drive higher sales and penetrate new markets for their brands. Watch full segment here.

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The United Auto Workers union has expanded strikes to include 38 parts distribution centers operated by General Motors and Stellantis.

The United Auto Workers union on Friday expanded its strike efforts against Detroit-Three automakers to include all 38 parts distribution centers owned by General Motors and Stellantis but spared Ford from additional walkouts. United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain declared the new wave during a Facebook and YouTube livestream, marking one week since strikes began on September 15. Read More

The United Auto Workers union has filed a labor complaint against Republican senator and 2024 GOP candidate Tim Scott.

The United Auto Workers union has filed a labor complaint against Republican senator and 2024 GOP candidate Tim Scott over inflammatory comments concerning ongoing labor strikes against Detroit-Three automakers. During a campaign rally earlier this week, Scott shared his vision for how governments and automakers should address the United Auto Workers strikeRead More

Toyota ramps up its EV production

Nikkei Asia reported that Toyota would increase its EV production under its upscale Lexus and other Toyota brands. According to the Nikkei report, the Japanese carmaker will likely increase the volume of battery-powered vehicles it produces over the next few years to reach an annual output of more than 600,000 vehicles by 2025. Read More

Luxury vehicle manufacturer Jaguar is the most recent automaker to adopt Tesla's EV charging network.

Luxury vehicle manufacturer Jaguar is the most recent automaker to adopt Tesla’s EV charging network. According to the automaker, Jaguar Land Rover’s next-generation EVs can use more than 12,000 of Tesla’s superchargers that use the North American Charging Standard without needing an adapter. Jaguar will purchase Tesla adaptors to support owners of its earlier I-PACE SUV models, and all new vehicles sold from 2025 onward will be completely integrated to use NACS plugs. Read More

For Dealers

How consumer behavior models can affect car sales5 consumer behavior models that can influence the car buying process
Think about the last time you purchased something. It could be food from the grocery store or a new phone, but your motives and needs are likely driving your decision. The same applies to customers who browse your inventory page or enter your showroom. Each has different reasons that motivate them to buy a car from you. Read More

Salesperson leverages her online presence to engage with car shoppersHigher PVR starts with earlier online presence for F&I
Dealerships who resisted the call in the past to start investing heavily into their online presence were finally forced to embrace this shift during the pandemic. Many only had sales pages or a service page to encourage scheduling a visit but the one department that either was overlooked completely or simply just had staff listed was F&I. Read More

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