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Model Y success, BMW 5 Series, Credit fraud allegations

Inside Automotive

Ginny Bowden, dealer principle of the world's oldest Chevrolet store, joins Inside Automotive to discuss the West Virginia car businessBehind the success of the world’s longest-running Chevrolet dealer – Ginny Bowden | McClinton Chevrolet
McClinton Chevrolet of West Virginia is the world’s oldest Chevrolet store with over 100 years of business. Since its founding 1915, it has remained in the ownership of the McClintons, making it one of the longest running family owned businesses in the auto industry as well. On this episode of Inside Automotive, CBT News anchor Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by the fourth-generation Dealer Principle for the McClinton Chevrolet store, Ginny Bowden, to discuss the status of her local market. Watch full segment here.

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First-quarter data is expected to show the Model Y as the world's best-selling car, becoming the first EV to dominate the global auto marketTesla’s Model Y SUV is expected to be the world’s best-selling car after first-quarter sales are fully counted, finally passing the Toyota Corolla. According to J.A.T.O. Dynamics analyst Felipe Munoz, roughly 267,000 Model Y’s were sold between January and March based on global sales data and projections, beating the Corolla sedan by 11,000 units. The news comes just over a week after CEO Elon Musk predicted the vehicle would take the first-place spot during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting. Read More

During its 5 Series announcement, BMW showcased anintriguing, first-of-its-kind feature: eye-based lane-changingBMW’s 5 Series, scheduled to launch this fall, will bring handless driving to the brand’s software platform, a feature the automaker says is the first of its kind. Future owners of the 2024 BMW i5 will have access to a new system called Active Lane Change, which will track and respond to the driver’s eye movements using cameras. As shown in the brand’s showcase, this would allow the vehicle to change lanes without a manual turn signal from its occupant. The same system also adds an important safety feature: flashing warnings at drivers who fail to keep their eyes on the road. Read More

Kunes Auto Group is set to defend itself in an Illinois court from allegations of fraud and misconduct following an employee-led lawsuitKunes Auto Group has been sued in Illinois over allegations that managers and executives punished employees for failing to participate in fraud. Two former staff members claim that the dealership group encouraged deceptive financing practices such as power-booking: a process which can mislead lenders into approving excessive loan amounts. The suit also alleges that management would take clients away from employees who refused to join the scheme. All defendants named in the case have denied any wrongdoing, and promised to fight the matter in the state court. Read More

For Dealers

How do great dealers market? In this article we discuss how to use brand storytelling to emotionally connect with your dealership customersThe role of brand storytelling in car dealership marketing 
You might be wondering what brand storytelling actually means. To most marketers, brand storytelling involves using any marketing medium like video or marketing to create a story about your brand and dealership that evokes an emotional response from the viewer. We’ll dig in and explain more about brand storytelling as well as how to use brand storytelling to better connect with your customers on an emotional level. Read More

In this era of hyper-connected, super-personalized customer experiences, leveraging customer data makes all the difference in car sales.Types of customer data that will help you better understand and connect with car buyers
Are you ready for some detective work? See, in our auto dealership universe, there’s this untapped goldmine that’s waiting for a bit of investigation—call it your version of The Blacklist. It’s called customer data. In this era of hyper-connected, super-personalized customer experiences, knowing your customer makes all the difference. So, let’s jump into our data and navigate the intriguing landscape of four key types of customer data. Read More

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