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Luxury SUV shopping, California EV dealers, new Ford partnership

Inside Automotive

Aaron Baldwin joins Inside Automotive to discuss the complexities of data activation and what dealers should know before choosing a providerData activation in the dealership: using third-party platforms to boost marketing
Dealers know the importance of collecting and analyzing customer information, but many struggle to understand the complex factors influencing successful data activation. On this episode of Inside Automotive, CBT News anchor Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Aaron Baldwin, chief product officer at AutomotiveMastermind, to discuss the role data plays in successful dealership management. Watch full segment here.

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More buyers than ever considered purchasing a luxury SUV, according to a quarterly analysis from Cox AutomotiveA record breaking number of consumers shopped for luxury SUVs during the first-quarter, according to new data from Kelley Blue Book. From January through March, 73% of buyers in the high-end market considered purchasing a SUV, a yearly increase of 5%. However, the segment’s growth came at the expense of luxury cars and sedans, which accounted for less than half of the period’s activity. BMW remained the nation’s most-popular premium brand during Q1, followed by Lexus and Cadillac. Read More

BEV California

Quarterly numbers provided by the California New Car Dealers Association reveals one-third of all electric vehicles sold in the state were purchased from franchised dealers. While direct sellers remained in control of the market, third-party retailers saw sales volume gain 140% over early 2022. Among non-franchised EV brands, Tesla continued to be the state’s dominant player, with sales rising 10.6% year-over-year. By the end of March, electric cars accounted for 20% of all vehicle transactions, a record breaking number for the region. Read More

GM is urging affected owners to use their rear seat belts to secure the car seats until the seat anchors can be fixed by a dealer.General Motors intends to recall over 668,000 vehicles to repair child seat anchors. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, certain models contain defective anchorage bars which can prevent the car seat from being installed. The issue can be found in Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain compact crossovers made from 2020 to 2023. Until affected owners can take their cars for repairs, GM urges drivers to use the rear seat belts to keep children secured. Read More

EV chargingFord has announced a new partnership with the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation to create the National Charging Experience Consortium. According to the brand’s press release, the new organization will bring quality-of-life improvements to electric vehicle charging stations by creating streamlined payment systems and interfaces. The program will also give manufacturers access to diagnostics information for further refinements and upgrades. The consortium is a private-public co-op comprised of car makers, charging companies, utilities providers and the Department of Energy’s national laboratories. Read More

For Dealers

Let's dive into the world of ERPs, exploring their characteristics, benefits, and examples that can rev up your dealershipUnleash the Power of an Employee Recognition Program (ERP) – Boost Your Dealership’s Success
Ask any seasoned and successful dealership owner, and they’ll tell you that employee recognition programs (ERPs) have been game-changers for their businesses. These programs create a vibrant work environment, driving productivity, employee retention, and overall success. So, let’s dive into the world of ERPs, exploring their characteristics, benefits, and examples that can rev up your dealership. Read More

Tesla PayoutWeekly roundup: Vehicle affordability improves, Twitter announces new CEO, Tesla Cybertruck update
During Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting, Elon Musk dismissed speculation that he is considering stepping down as Tesla’s CEO, vehicle affordability improved slightly in April, U.S. drivers are holding onto their used vehicles longer than ever before, and more headlines to stay on top of this week in automotive industry newsRead More

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