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EV Infrastructure, EV salesWhy the auto industry is torn over EV infrastructure
President Joe Biden’s administration made a significant investment into the nation’s infrastructure, which included funding for electric vehicle charging. On this episode of Inside Automotive, we’re continuing the EV conversation. We’re joined now by President of Charge Enterprises and former GM, Ford and Volvo Executive Mark LaNeve to give us his perspective on what this means for the industry moving forward. Watch full segment here.

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sentiment indexYesterday, Cox Automotive unveiled its first quarter Dealer Sentiment Index, which reported a sudden shift towards optimism after the end of Q4. Although retailers continued to say that the car market is at its weakest point since 2020, outlooks on the upcoming quarter were 11 points higher than in December, the first positive change since Q1 of last year. Despite this change in attitude, overall scores still declined year-over-year, as dealers recorded declining profits and near record-breaking operating costs. Read More

declining satisfactionOn Thursday, J.D. Power published its Customer Service Index report for 2023, revealing that overall satisfaction had declined year-over-year for the first time in nearly three decades. Average survey scores ranked two points lower than in 2022, which J.D. Power analysts attribute to increased wait times, recall frustration and inadequate EV service. Lexus led all other brands in buyer satisfaction for the second consecutive year, while Mitsubishi placed first in the mass-market category. Study participants continued to give lower scores to Ford and Hyundai, as both brands face years at or near the bottom of the list. Read More

negotiations tax creditsAfter encountering months of international criticism over his administration’s Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden is set to enter talks with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to discuss a potential solution. The two leaders are expected to negotiate a free-trade deal between the U.S. and the EU, which would give foreign automakers access to EV-related tax credits in the legislation. Since the bill’s passing, lawmakers in multiple countries have expressed concern that the IRA’s domestic sourcing requirements would lead companies to relocate their operations to North America. Read More

holographic barra envisicsAutomakers are now paying close attention to a new tech startup which hopes to make holographic head-up displays available for upcoming vehicles as soon as 2023. The devices would use projection, augmented reality and holographic technology to provide clear, eye-level information on the car’s windshield. GM is among several big-name brands investing millions into the company, and will feature the system in its 2024 Cadillac Lyriq, production of which is expected to start this month. Read More

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femaleAdapting to change: Being female-friendly in the service department
Being female-friendly is a necessity these days in all industries, including automotive, because the American woman is one of the most powerful economic forces on the planet. With $7 trillion in purchasing power, women account for 85% of consumer spending and up to 70% of repair shop customers. Okay, this isn’t exactly new information, but the pandemic brought on a whirlwind of changes, and you need to know what “female-friendly” means now. Read More

dealership support

Meet 5 North American dealers supporting their communities in outstanding ways
Many of us get a positive feeling when helping others, and there’s some science to back it up. Studies have shown a link between showing kindness to others and an elevated sense of well-being. Often, finding the time to be charitable in our busy schedules might be tricky, so what better way to help others than to merge the work you do every day with volunteering or donating resources? Read More

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