Brian Pasch: Metrics, Attribution and Relevant Marketing Strategies

Brian Pasch


Joining CBT Automotive Networks on the NADA Showroom floor is Auto Marketing Now’s, Brian Pasch. We ask for his thought on this years NADA Show and how metrics, attribution and other relevant marketing strategies need to play a role in your dealership.

Modern shoppers have introduced a new way to find, compare, and buy vehicles. Pasch says you should stop using a CRM to track your marketing investment. He explains that it only shows you the last touchpoint of that consumer conversion, therefore it is not adequately relaying correct information or results from your marketing efforts. It’s through dealer alliances with data search company’s like dealerInspire and that help produce authentic and accurate data that informs you on how and where your advertising is succeeding.


He also shares about attribution, in a simple way and suggested that every dealer has google analytics and confirm that it was setup correctly. If you are wondering how to check, Brian says, there are free tools you can run against your dealership’s system to see if so, just ask google. After confirming your google analytics is set up properly, contact your vendor to ensure they are plugging in engagement data from your tools to your google analytics. He also mentions how you should not look too your CRM anymore and instead use the google analytics assists report.

Brian goes on to explain that a dealership should know more than just the number of clicks or the campaign that brought the searching party to the sight initially. A dealer has everything to gain when they set up the correct process for recorded analytics and takes the time to fully understand and apply what that means. For more information about how to enhance your marketing strategies, don’t miss Brian Pasch’s weekly segments on CBT Automotive Network.