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BMW predicts 300% EV growth for the U.S. thanks to better availability

BMW USA now expects this year's EV sales to reach three times the amount it delivered in 2022, citing better model availability.

BMW USA now expects this year’s EV sales to reach three times the amount it delivered in 2022, citing better model availability.

The German automaker’s North American Executive Vice President of Operations, Shaun Bugbee, offered the prediction when speaking to Automotive News, explaining “We’ll be in a position where we’ll triple our volume in 2023 for full BEVs.” The brand sold 15,584 electric cars last year. To meet Bugbee’s prediction, this means BMW would need to deliver at least 31,168 units in 2023.

EV availability is one of several issues preventing the market from truly taking off. Although demand has certainly grown in recent years, battery powered cars are still a niche product. Ensuring that new models are kept in stock, however, could go a long way towards enticing more consumers. Although supply chains are still far from full recovery, their chokehold on automobile production has lessened, giving car makers a chance to finally send long-awaited cars to more dealerships. BMW will be adding two electric vehicles to add to its lineup this year: the i4 eDrive35 hatchback and the i5 sedan. Whether these vehicles will allow it to beat the 46,752 total forecast by Bugbee, however, depends on more than one factor.

Automakers have become slightly less confident in the success of their electric programs, but remain positive on growth. However, while most have focused their efforts on improving availability, there exist other, greater issues which are seemingly paid little attention. High prices, burdensome payment plans, lack of infrastructure and driving range anxiety are major contributors to EV hesitancy among customers. BMW, along with its peers, is unlikely to succeed, no matter its production output, unless it can address the multitude of buyer needs. It remains to be seen whether it will take all the steps necessary to reach its goal in 2023.

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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