Best Practices for Your Next AdWords Campaign


As more and more marketing techniques and methods are being discovered, all companies have to double their efforts to retain their customers. AdWords are simply a form of advertising for businesses who wish to display ads regarding their company on Google and its respective advertising network. The program allows businesses to set up an advertising budget that they only have to pay if an individual click on their ads.

Google’s AdWords is designed to attract more customers, whether that be new visitors or retain returning customers. It can help to grow your online sales and increase brand awareness simply because your company is more visible. Companies can choose to advertise locally, globally, in certain countries, regions, or cities, or even within a set distance from your business. The goal is to reach the right people at the right time. When consumers search for certain keywords that align with your business, that is when they will find your business.

Companies in all industries, including the Automotive Industry, are pushing to be more visible to potential customers. In the Automotive Industry, especially, the use of an AdWords Campaign has been exceptionally helpful for their sales. Roughly 69% of people use Google Search to find information when researching automotive services. The other 31% of people go directly to the website or find information through word of mouth.

For Automotive companies, it’s imperative to use Google AdWords as a way to increase leads and sales. There are some key practices that are sure to help your next AdWords campaign. They are as follows:

  1. Test multiple audiences based targeting lists and customer matches.
  2. Install AdWords Scripts through basic programming
  3. Identify structured data for ads
  4. Post video content and ads on YouTube
  5. Incorporate a mobile strategy into your campaign

A Google AdWords campaign generally starts with Key Phrase Research so that companies are able to see what keywords would work best for them, as well as those that are cost effective. In addition to using AdWords, companies need to be able to use social media to target audience based on their demographics, online behaviors, and interests. This is bound to have the highest results possible due to the focusing their target audience directly. In terms of the Automotive Industry, this could be anything from their hobbies to their occupation that correlates with a certain type of vehicle.

This then leads to a Structured Campaign Development and Management, which keeps the practices of efficient AdWords use up. Developing adverts through the use of split testing comes next, which allows companies to see which ads, and where, work the best. Companies are able to connect with their customers at a scale through a simple text ad that has hundreds of variations, so that each customer gets the most relevant ad.

Their ads can show real-time calls-to-action, such as sale ending times. Overall, the goal is to optimize their workflow, which means spending less time developing the ads and more time creating landing pages that will further entice their customers. If a customer is searching a specific vehicle manufacturer or model, having a page with all the relevant information show up is imperative to get that customer’s sale.

Through these learning processes, the company is then able to see where improvements could be made of click through rates, quality scores, and conversion rates. YouTube and Facebook have become large platforms for PPC ads. They can easily be added to your campaign through your campaign settings. Ads on YouTube and Facebook perform well at low CPC and are generally cheaper.

Through the constant improvements and tweaking that is done to the campaign, any underperforming phrases should be optimized to the best of their ability. Any high performing phrases should be expanded to receive the highest reach possible.

Through it all, the main goal is to make your campaign as successful and effective as possible. The end aim is to generate sales and leads and keeping your investment to a minimum. On top of that, keeping within your previously agreed daily budget, with the practices above, is sure to get you a top AdWords campaign.