Are You Picking Up On The Emotional Cues From Your Potential Customers?

When it comes to taking mental notes of what a potential car buyer desires, tapping into the emotion and excitement of that customer during every stage of the buying process is important. Meeting the wants and needs – no matter the customer’s age, sex, or race – should obviously be the ultimate goal, but does your sales team have a plan of action for meeting those goals? Auto Dealer Monthly shares five theories they believe will help in the process of engaging customers with emotional cues and clues:

  1. Look for tie-ins. When start a new topic, tie-in something you’re about to say with something they told you they want.
  2. Bridge the gap. As you discuss benefits, bridge the gap between something they told you they want and how each benefit provides it.
  3. Don’t rely on world-tracks. Too many salespeople use the same word-tracks for each potential buyers and end up presenting the same features the same way to everyone. Figure out how to improvise and change up your presentation!
  4. Get excited about the product. Take a look at one of the models currently on your lot, then key in on one new feature that caught your eye. Why was that featured added? What does it do? Does it solve a problem? Come up with at least five “you’re going to love this” lines for the feature. Try them out and which ones work best.
  5. Call sold customers. Start with the last five customers who bought a specific model from you and ask what they’re enjoying most about the vehicle. This is also a great opportunity to uncover any potential issues and, most importantly, ask for referrals.

Use these tips to assist you in providing what your customers want, and remember – a positive first impression will make applying these tips a lot easier!