CBT Automotive Newscast for December 19, 2019


Today on CBTNews.com – Thursday, December 19th, 2019:

Adam MarburgerThe Keys to a More Profitable Year in Your F&I Department
On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back Adam Marburger, F&I Expert and President of Ascent Dealer Services. Adam shares with us, his insight into the latest F&I trends, menu strategies, and how dealers can see growth in their F&I departments in 2020 and beyond. Watch Now

Adam MarburgerBecoming the Chief Influencer
In sales, you can use any word or series of words to describe what it takes to get a commitment and close the sale. Personally, I believe it all circles back to influence. In some people’s minds, the word “influence” stirs up negative thoughts, as does the word “control,” but I’m not sure why. As a manager or leader you must become the chief influencer if you expect your sales team to influence their customers. There are many theories about how to accomplish this. For some, fear is the great motivator; others take the “inmates running the asylum” approach. Read More

Adam MarburgerWhy Aren’t There More Women General Managers?
After a decade of progress of women gradually emerging as an important and recognized segment of contemporary automotive business, it is frustrating to read statistics stating that only 8% of women occupy key positions in our national automotive dealerships. The same study also reports that women still work in positions of 91% office and administrative support, with only 18.5% total in the dealerships. Read More


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