A robust used-car department is key to successful dealership operations

The dealership has a lot of important players, but a solid used-car department is essential to its success. Today on Inside Automotive, Ben Freedman, Used Inventory Operations Manager at White Bear Mitsubishi, joins us to discuss used cars.

Ben Freedman, who has a passion for both people and cars, began his career in the auto industry in 2007 as a BBC agent for a small Chevy dealership outside of Washington. facilitating a smooth transition into the used-car market. His Minnesota store examines the numbers from a retail standpoint. They keep an eye on the competition and price their goods fairly. According to Freedman, “we applied a 60-day turn on our inventory to guarantee that ours stay in good health.”

Freedman notices how the narrative is all over the map. Through curvebuys and service to sales departments, people remain to want more from their vehicles than they’re worth. Therefore, Freedmen says, “we have to go back to the basics. Back to the practices we learned years ago and make sure inventory is always fresh.” Ultimately, the car is the star, the car is the dealers’ brand and marketing; how you recondition a car is what you believe in and who you are as a dealer.

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White Bear makes buying a car from a guest just as simple as selling a car to them. They believe innovation will save time, which is why they served the market daily with how other organizations appraise cars and the used tactics or strategies that not only meet but exceed the expectations of what others are doing.

Despite the industry’s economic headwinds, Freedmen offers four crucial focus points that the market for used cars needs to be able to shift inventory more quickly. These consist of:

  1. Acquire the right inventory through the right sources. 
  2. Merchandise correctly, so real photos are uploaded as soon as possible, there is a good description, and detailed dealer notes.
  3. Price inventory competitively by empowering the sales team to sell inventory the right way and put systems in place that will be beneficial to everyone. 
  4. Sell- consumers today believe every salesperson should be an expert. Salespeople should therefore be knowledgeable about the car’s packages, initial price, brand, and even color if the dealer has one on the lot.

Consumers will benefit from improved frictionless transactions as a result of these factors.

Freedman reminds every dealer that “we are in the guest service business. We need to take what we sell out of the equation because we are in the hospitality business. Never forget that your actions today will affect your Google reviews tomorrow.”

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