Top OEM Headlines | November 2015

This week’s most impactful OEM headlines, including:

  1. Toyota investing $1 billion in US artificial intelligence center
    Over the next five years, Toyota will invest $1 billion in an artificial intelligence and robotics research center. The Detroit Bureau says that the facilities will not only focus on ways to make driving safer, but also on technology that will improve the lives of the elderly and disabled.
  2. Volkswagen says will foot tax bill for carbon emissions blunder
    Reuters reported that Volkswagen will foot the bill for extra taxes incurred by drivers because of the emissions scandal. Some analysts say the company could face a bill as high as $38 billion dollars for fines, lawsuits, and vehicle refits.
  3. Hyundai has sound strategy to succeed in luxury market, but new Genesis brand will need time to grow
    Hyundai will launch its own luxury brand in December, dubbed Genesis. says the company has been running beta luxury tests for years with the Equus. Hyundai will be offering six luxury models by the year 2020.
  4. Mazda to stop using Takata air bag inflators containing ammonium nitrate
    Last week, Mazda made the announcement that it would not use air bag inflators manufactured by Takata containing ammonium nitrate in its new cars. Reuters says U.S. regulators claim Takata’s inflators use a chemical propellant that they suspect causes the air bag to explode with too much force.