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Diversity in Automotive: Stellantis’ inclusion initiatives propel dealers forward

On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, Stellantis will provide an update on its dealer diversity initiatives. Eric Wong, Senior Manager of Dealer Market Representation, Diversity, and Technology at Stellantis, and Wadette Bradford, Manager of Dealer Network Diversity and Investments at Stellantis, are here once more to talk about the current situation and their outlook for the future.

When it comes to inclusion initiatives, Wong notes, “it’s a culture that spans throughout the organization.” A multicultural market, the HR supplier, and the diversity of the entire company make up that culture. Wong claims that “the business frequently gathers to share best practices, exchange ideas, and work together to develop the corporate culture.

“I think the most essential thing is to maintain networking with dealers in the area of interest,” Wong advises candidates who are interested in helping with their inclusion initiatives. It is essential to keep a good working relationship with the company and its staff. Additionally, Wong advises anyone considering a career in the new car industry to “sharpen up their skills in fixed operations.”

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However, Wong observes that in order to participate in the EV market, all OEMs, suppliers, and infrastructure providers are undergoing a transition. At Stellantis, “we are shifting from an ICE dominate portfolio to an EV brand and have a very aggressive carbon reduction plan.” The board at Stellantis has spoken with the dealers to evaluate their infrastructure and improve dealership readiness. Wong exclaims,  “the preparation may seem far away, but the infrastructure takes a long time. Our message to dealers is, It’s never too early to act on this.”

Visit them online at if interested. Bradford notes, anyone interested in working with minority dealers, minority current dealers, or anyone who wants to join their network should visit their website. They can fill out an application and submit all of their credentials, giving the network the chance to have a ready database that will send prospects immediately into their funnel of interested people.

According to Bradford, the sky is the limit for any candidate interested in joining the inclusion initiatives with the right opportunity and expertise. For instance, some independent dealers who partnered with Stellantis dealers were highly successful and profitable with their floor plans and fixed operations.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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