Top OEM Headlines | October 2015 Part 2

This week’s most impactful OEM headlines, including:

  1. Mitsubishi, Nissan will build mini EV together
    The minicar project Nissan and Mitsubishi started four years ago is about to get extra resources to help ease the move into the electric-vehicle sector. Auto Blog says Nissan will have a bigger role in the testing, design, and development of the duo’s mini EVs. Together, the joint-venture has sold about 500,000 compact vehicles thus far.
  2. GM, LG partnership on Chevy Bolt may be roadmap for future deals
    GM has announced it will partner with electronics company LG on the production of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt electric car. Reuters reports several LG subsidiaries have already worked closely with GM to develop electric motors, battery cells, dashboard displays, and other electronic systems for the Bolt.
  3. Researchers: Self-driving cars should pass driving test
    Two researchers at the University of Michigan believe self-driving cars should have to pass tests and get a license, too. The Detroit News reports Michael Sivak and Brandon Shoettle of the UM Transportation Research Institute say autonomous cars should have tests that measure their vision, knowledge of traffic laws, and other skills.
  4. Sony looks to get image sensors to new cars
    USA Today says don’t look for Sony to jump into the self-driving cars race, according to Sony’s CEO. However, the company does see a place in future cars via it’s image sensor technology. Future autonomous cars rely on a combination of sensors, cameras, lasers, and GPS.