“Your Car Guy” Shawn Hays, Explains Why Good Management Is Key To a Successful Dealership


CBT News talks with Shawn Hays, “Your Car Guy”, about the importance of good management and its impact on your entire dealership. Shawn has been in the retail automotive industry for over 11 years and currently is a car salesman at Dan Cummins Chevrolet and Buick in Paris, Kentucky.

Shawn discusses why exactly good management is so important, especially managers that are looking to keep moving forward and are working to make their dealership better every day. Shawn says that a good manager could make or break a dealership, and he believes that it is due to bad managers within the industry that car salesmen have gotten such a bad reputation.

He explains to CBT News the crazy story of how he got started in the car business, and how he got started on his social media pages as “Your Car Guy.” Shawn says he realized that there was not enough leadership in the industry, and he believed that just because he didn’t have a national title or wasn’t known nationally didn’t mean that he didn’t have a voice and a message to share with others. Shawn now uses Facebook Live to produce his “Morning Meeting”  and get his message across to others. As Shawn puts it, “Managers, I understand where you’re coming from because of your frustration and everything else, but at the end of the day I wanted to give my message to the people in the trenches just like me.”

Through his videos and social media, Shawn encourages others to aspire, develop, and grow every day. With all the success he has had building his brand through social media, he suggests that others do the same. He says you have to be real, authentic, and talk about content that people actually care about. “Your imperfections are your perfections,” and that’s what makes people admire you.