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Why your car dealership should consider recruiting veterans — Ross Dickman | Hire Heroes USA

In honor of Memorial Day this year, we want to celebrate, honor and also highlight an organization that is helping America’s heroes daily. Hire Heroes USA is a non-profit organization that helps thousands of veterans and their spouses find employment.

We’re pleased to welcome Chief Operating Officer of Hire Heroes USA, Ross Dickman, to discuss the importance and benefit of recruiting veterans and their spouses today. 

Hire Heroes USA is an employment service charity focused on recruiting strategies for veterans and military spouses and was founded almost 16 years ago. Chairman and Founder John Bardis met with a particular soldier, and the soldier’s number one fear was finding a job after service. Since then, they have placed over 60,000 veterans and military spouses into wonderful careers and are inspired to get the next 60,000 hired.


Dickman says discipline, accountability, and teamwork are a few of the leadership skills men and women leave the service with. He says you’re getting someone who’s inspired by the direction and purpose of the organization and adheres to strong cultural values. They have an owners’ mindset while exercising creativity.

We believe veterans are a great opportunity to enhance your workforce, says Dickman. They can come from your community and bring diverse skill sets. They’ve gone through challenging experiences but they are fully committed and capable to lead.

Dickman says they work with a lot of organizations that recognize the cultural value that a veteran will bring and their skill sets. He says they tell their clients, no one will “hire you just because you’re a veteran, they want to hire the person best fit for the job.” But, if you can use your veteran skills to be the best person for the job, that’s great for any business owner.

If you would like to be a client of Hire Heroes USA or an employer looking to hire, click here.

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