How this auto industry veteran is inspiring young people to explore the car business

On the latest episode of Kain and Co., host David Kain, president of Kain Automotive, is joined by Bill Taylor, General Motors retiree and founder of Vehicle Nanny to discuss his love for the automotive industry.

Taylor spent 32 years with General Motors, and held a variety of roles in sales, marketing, and service. After retiring from his tenure at GM, Taylor then joined the vendor ranks and created successful digital marketing ventures. Today, Taylor is focused on his platform, Vehicle Nanny, which supports automotive youth programs and any activity that promotes the car hobby.

Recently, Taylor participated in the Woodward Dream Cruise, which he said, was a great celebration for classic and collectible cars. The Woodward Dream Cruise began in 1995, and has grown exponentially over the years. The event was supposed to be only one day, however, festivities continued for a week. Taylor says he spent about two hours in the sun, watching cars go up and down the strip. He says, he had a great time.

As part of his commitment to the industry, Taylor has created an automotive history course for students at Northwood University and Midland County high school students. He doesn’t remember exactly how he got started, but felt strongly that there needed to be a course to provide good foundational automotive knowledge. He says, he just hit on key topics that have shaped the industry. Every time there was an obstacle, he showed how resilient the automotive industry was and how the companies got around those obstacles and evolved. He says it has been a rewarding experience.

Upon his retirement, Taylor wanted to open up a small warehouse to help store classic cars in Michigan. In the Winter, for about six months of the year, owners are unable to drive these cars up north. He came up with the title ‘Vehicle Nanny’ to illustrate the care that these vehicles need. Additionally, Taylor decided to start up a blog, inspired by the many car events he attends. He wants to make sure the car hobby stays alive. Vehicle Nanny focuses on youth automotive programs as well. Taylor says, he’s probably busier than he was before retirement but he’s doing exactly what he loves to do, and the subject matter means a lot to him.

If you would like to support Taylor’s initiative, click here.

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