Why managers need complete visibility of each step in the sales process — Natalia Giner, A2Z Sync

In an ideal world, sales managers should have constant access to the entire sales process at any given time. At this year’s NADA Show, CBT News anchor Jim Fitzpatrick sat down with Natalia Giner, CEO of A2Z Sync, to find out how the company’s Dealership Experience Platform is making business operations a breeze.

Key takeaways:

1. A2Z Sync introduced a platform for the dealership experience that includes tools for management to operate the store with the utmost efficiency.

2. Dealers can better comprehend which steps of the process are taking place and which processes are malfunctioning, thanks to the real-time assistance provided by the software.

3. A2Z Sync’s software empowers dealers and upper management to know the positions of their salespeople and customers.

4. A2Z Sync makes a sincere effort to provide salespeople with the knowledge they need to be enthusiastic about selling cars.

5. The Dealership Experience Platform enables dealerships to sell anything in real-time, allowing managers to observe and address any problems as they arise.

“If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it.” —Natalia giner

Notable background:

Natalia Giner joins A2Z Sync with 20 years of automotive experience. She led the team that created the A2Z Sync platform from the ground up over the past three years and successfully managed numerous dealer conversions to the One-Person Sales Model.

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