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SERP position zero is the new target bullseye. Yes, of course, it’s fair to ask, “Wait, you mean being number 1 on SERP isn’t the best?” No, not anymore. Now it’s about being zero, which fits, given the wacky world we all live in these days.

To be accurate, SERP (search engine result page) number 1 hasn’t been in the gold medal round for the last few years after Google said they would use Featured Snippets in 2014. But to help you out, let’s define what the coveted featured snippets are, discuss how to achieve them and whether or not it matters to your dealership.

What are featured snippets?

Featured snippets are Google-selected search results that immediately answer the searcher’s question and appear in Google’s “answer boxes” featured at the top of organic results below the paid ads. If you are featured, you get better brand exposure. Better brand exposure brings good things, as you know.

How do I reach zero?

Well, as you would expect with Google there’s a secret algorithm. However, Google has also provided info that some content is more snippet-worthy than others. Google’s snippets feature content like:

  • Paragraphs – Model Trim descriptions are a good example
  • Images – Answers to “What does the new Audi A3 look like?”
  • YouTube videos – Answers to local test drive reviews
  • Tables – An example would be a comparison between model trims

So, reaching SERP position zero depends on how you’re optimizing your content. To start you off, typical dealership content that Google will pick up to show the user might be:

  • Instructions on using infotainment systems
  • How To’s regarding service appointments
  • FAQs on general interior controls usage
  • Trim and Model pricing
  • Model and competitive comparisons

There are reasons why Google is doing all of this, and you can search for those. In addition, you can get more information from this excellent work by Search Engine Journal. Just know that one of the reasons has to do with limiting the user’s need to click through to your site.

As crazy as that may sound, it does provide a better user experience and less frustration. By answering the question in your snippet, users are more likely to click through to your site and explore more of what you have to offer because you’ve responded to their initial question.

Ideally, you want to be in position zero. But, let’s say you’re on SERP 1, which means you’re currently ranking on page one of the Google search. If you’re on page one, here are some commonly known things you need to do that will help you get there.

Use questions as your headings

It may seem obvious, but when your customer types in, “What does Quattro mean?” and it’s the heading of one of your FAQ questions, it’ll have a better chance of showing up in zero.

Answer the questions with your content

Rather than get flowery with your sales language, just answer the question. Relevant content is going to be featured every time by Google.

Include your keywords in your answer

Immediately use the main keyword. So, for instance, if you find that your customers are searching for 2022 Ram 1500 oil change prices, then literally have 2022 Ram 1500 oil change prices as your heading or in the first words of your paragraph. And then answer what the price would be.

Answer it in no more than 40-60 words

Use something like charactercounttool.com  to verify the paragraph length and get to the point.

Relevance. Relevance. Relevance.

Again, we’re in Obvious-ville here, but Google wants relevant material. So accurate answers will be your hero. It’s not time to mention that you have on-site hotdog barbecues every Friday unless searchers are looking for free food.

Of course, there’s more

Reaching SERP zero can be done, but you first need to be on page one. However, once you’re there, the above information can assist you in coveted position zero. Meanwhile, check out this information on how things work from the Google mothership and cut down your content so that it’s short, sweet, and informative to your current and potential customers.

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