What Dealerships Should Focus On To Help Fill Job Roles – Adam Robinson


The auto industry still suffers from a very high turnover rate among its employees at over 70 percent. We recently spoke with Adam Robinson, President of Hireology, and he talked to us about how his company helps dealers attract and hire the right talent for any job opportunities in their stores and why dealers should focus on the human capital side of their business and be intentional about it.

“The lack of supply of available talent, quality talent is causing all kinds of operating challenges at the dealership level, specifically fixed ops roles and Technicians.” Says Robinson when speaking to CBT News on how dealerships are facing operation challenges. Dealers spend thousands of dollars a month on recruitment advertisement but most of the time they have no idea where their money and efforts are working. To help solve and support all dealer’s efforts Robison a team built an online applicant.  Job

At the NADA Show in 2018, Hireology launched Applicant Engine, a product that delivers candidates directly to your team. Applicant Engine three part process optimizes your job descriptions using similar titles and keywords to reach a broader set of interested candidates, expands reach across 200+ sources like national job boards, organic search feeds, classifieds, social media, and other niche sources, and drives performance by budget shifting to the best-performing sources for your open jobs automatically and sources providing a low ROI are eliminated. These efforts ultimately help dealers save money, get higher qualified applicants, and fill those hard to find roles, quickly.