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generation z

How the pandemic shifted the way Generation Z approaches the workforce

Just how much has the pandemic affected Generation Z and what impact can we expect to see in the marketplace as businesses reopen? On...

Trump vs. Biden on the future of the American automotive industry

The current 2020 presidential candidates diverge on many issues, and the US auto industry is no exception. For undecided voters, it can be challenging...

Trump vs. Biden: What Are their Plans for the Auto Industry?

The American election is coming on November 3rd, just ten weeks away, and polls are very close between the Trump-Biden camps, according to CNN’s...

Eyes on Auto Industry as USMCA Nears Ratification

A cornerstone of the 2016 elections was the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Put simply, candidate Trump did not like it. He promised...

What Dealerships Should Focus On To Help Fill Job Roles –...

The auto industry still suffers from a very high turnover rate among its employees at over 70 percent. We recently spoke with Adam Robinson,...

New-Car Dealership Employment Sets Record in 2016

0 TYSONS, Va. (April 13, 2017) - Employment, wages and payroll at U.S. new-car dealerships all continued to rise in 2016, according to a new...

Which OEM has the fastest and most powerful vehicle?

Fiat Chrysler announces $1 billion investment in US manufacturing, 2,000 new jobs - Fiat Chrysler said Sunday it would spend $1 billion on U.S. manufacturing,...