What Buyers Are Looking for at Dealerships this Black Friday

black friday

black fridayBlack Friday is coming and with it the potential to make some massive sales. The only problem: Black Friday isn’t a dealership exclusive sales day. Your dealership will be up against some tough competition. Shoppers are usually pulled toward box retailers offering impressive discounts on games, electronics, clothes, and household items. With all the competing noise, how can you draw customers away from other Black Friday sales to your own?

The key is to identify and promote sale-able items that either rival or compare to other store offerings. This puts you on equal footing with box stores and can bring in Black Friday foot traffic. Additionally, when it comes to your actual stock, consider highlighting cars your dealership competitors either aren’t advertising or don’t sell.

To give you a few more ideas, here are four categories you might want to use to lure Black Friday shoppers to our dealership. Each one looks at a particular need or want

1. Get Your Gadgets

Black Friday is notorious for long lines outside electronics stores as people clamor to get the newest popular tech toy. You might think a dealership can’t compete with the latest flat screen tv or smartphone. But the truth is there’s plenty of cool car-related electronics you can sell. Think GPS systems, wireless key finders, chargers, and dash cams.  Deals on these can make your dealership a draw for any who want to update their car’s tech game without having to brave the mob scenes found on Black Friday at big electronic box stores.

2. Try Tires

black friday

Not everyone needs a new car, but Black Friday coincides with the transition into winter, when many drivers are looking to replace their tires. This is a great time to promote all tire-related services, from rotations, replacements, and more. While perhaps not as exciting as a new coffee maker, most people do need tires and the accompanying assistance and will appreciate them being placed in the sales category.

3. Make Accessories Accessible

While cars are your main attraction, on Black Friday it’s the glitz and glitter of extras that reels people in. There are plenty of car accessories to choose from, from seasonally practical snow scrapers to fun for the family car decals. You can offer a wide variety or go with a specific set you know shoppers in your area will be interested in. Go for ones that are especially colorful or eye-catching, and make sure to stock up on ones that make good gifts: after all, much of the shopping done on Black Friday is for the upcoming holiday season.

4. All or Nothing

Everyone wants to feel like they can get something on Black Friday. With that in mind, you want to make sure you’ve got stock for everyone. This means that while you may want to push some of your luxury cars, make sure there are sales for less exotic models, including used. Make it clear that anyone who wants a car will be able to get one when they visit your dealership at Black Friday. Make your customers feel like coming to you will make them guaranteed winners and you’ll be guaranteed some wins of your own!